Take back control over your data with exomem!

Help transfer power back to the people. By using exomem you are helping us fight the overreaching authoritarian control that large organizations & governments are increasingly exercising on people's data.

The goal of exomem is to provide you a provably private sanctuary for your files. Exomem is being designed in a way that minimizes the amount of trust you have to have towards us, the developers. For example your data will be encrypted before it gets sent to the exomem servers and only you will have the key. The exomem client is fully open source, because we strongly belive in allowing experts to review the code freely.

With exomem v0.1 you can upload files one by one and then access them later on a different computer.
NB! Private encryption will arrive with v0.2. Do not use v0.1 with sensitive data, wait for the update.

Log in to your exomem
>exomem login
 Your e-mail: [email protected]
 Your password: **********

Put your file into exomem
>exomem put Rome2019.pdf

Access your file anywhere
>exomem get Rome2019.pdf

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The first release ever, v0.1, will be released by September 2022.

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